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New Build

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Drain Cleaning & Repairs

Sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, laundry & more.

Hot water tanks

Gas or Electric, power vent, natural draft or direct vent.

Tankless Water Heaters

Endless hot water, lower energy bill, save space on installation

Plumbing Upgrade

A standard reno or the most unique reno, we got you covered. We work with you to bring it to life.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We woke up to no hot water, that morning my wife and I withstand a shocking cold shower before work. We called Crucial plumbing and came home to a nice hot bath that very day. They installed a new water heater, took the old one and left the space clean. Highly recommend there services.

Kent Philip, New Westminster

Crucial plumbing help us with a major sewer back-up situation. They had a camera in the pipe to show what the problem was. They had to replace a section of the underground pipe due to roots infestation. We are very grateful that crucial plumbing came and resolve our issue so speedily.

Sam Lark, Burnaby

Without my permission a tenant called crucial plumbing to fix a leak in the basement ceiling because they did not like the company we called in the pass and Im happy she did. I met Azibo an he’s the most friendly professional plumbing i’ve met, now crucial service all my rental units.

Cindy Welch, Vancouver

“Crucial Plumbing is a wonderful business in a wonderful way, offering wonderful service for wonderful pay”.

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